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Camp at Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School, 3500 Woodley Rd, NW, Washington, DC 20016
2019 Camps

Make-Your-Own Camp Descriptions (Rising 1st -3rd)

"Make-Your-Own" Camp - Half-Day Choices
The "Make-Your-Own" Camp schedule allows campers to create their own summer experience by choosing combinations of one AM and one PM camp per session. The "Make-Your-Own" camps are available for rising 1st - 3rd graders. Swimming is only included in the "Make-Your-Own" Camp with the selection of “Splash & Play” as one of your campers AM or PM choices. 

Please note: we will not be offering Make Your Owns for Week 3 (July 1-3). 
AM choice: 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
PM choice: 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Swimming is available only through the “Splash & Play” swim option for the “Make-Your-Own" Camp.

2018 Session Dates

Camp Dates
Pre-Week: June 8-12 (Beauvoir student programs & C.I.T. Leadership Program)
Week 1: June 15-19
Week 2: June 22-26
Week 3: June 29-July 2 (Closed July 3) 
Week 4: July 6 - 10
Week 5: July 13 - 17
Week 6: July 20 - 24
Week 7: July 27 - 31

Camp Hours
8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

For pricing and further details, check individual session tabs at the bottom of the page.

Box Turtles & Koalas - "Make Your Own" Camps ( click below for details)

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  • AM/PM EverWonder Adventures in Art - Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7

    AM & PM Options
    AM - $290 per week
    PM - $270 per week

    Creative play, curiosity, good books and a caring environment are at the heart of EverWonder’s theme-based programs for our youngest campers at Beauvoir.  Our days will be full of rich and playful experiences as we explore the playground, discover the beauty of the Cathedral Close and engage in hands-on interactive experiences in our classroom.

    Week 1: June 17 - 21
    Maker Space-Toys 
    Everwonder what it would be like to ignite your Maker Mindset? Making is learning. Learning is exploring, experiencing and imagining. Learning should be playful, full of joy and fun. Join us at this week of camp in our Maker Lab!
    We'll provide both innovative and everyday materials for Makers to build and create their own versions of toys like arcade games, hovercrafts, flextangles, frisbees, roller coasters, catapults or whatever they might imagine. This you do not want to miss!
    PM Super Sculpture Art Adventure
    EverWonder what it would be like to challenge your imagination to defy gravity? Express yourself in the third dimension! Clay, paper machè, wire, wood, tinfoil and more will be our media for this fantastical week of camp!

    Week 2: June 24 – 28
    The EverWonder School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    EverWonder what it would be like to NOT be a Muggle? School may be out for summer break, but have no fear the EverWonder School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is here! We'll spend our days casting spells, we’ll paint with magic milk and we’ll even learn magic tricks. We'll make capes, wands and hats. This, you don't want to miss!!
    PM Duct Dynasty
    EverWonder what it would be like to create, cover, design and construct with duct tape? We will have rolls and rolls of duct tape and other supplies available for campers to work with. Campers will have the opportunity to make the following: Flag football games, pom poms, coozies, arm bands, balls, fortune tellers, fun straws, first aid kits and so much more!

    Week 4: July 8 - 12
    AM Great Artists
    EverWonder what it would be like to do what famous artists do? Open your mind and let your imagination soar as we explore some of the greatest artists of all time. In this class campers will gleefully create, design, built and paint with real artist materials. We will study the art of Andy Goldsworthy, Yayoi Kusama, Salvador Dali, Jasper Johns, Gustav Klimt, Faith Ringold, Georgia O’Keefe and Alexander Calder.
    PM Biggest, Tallest, Smallest
    EverWonder what it would be like to be a master builder? Join us young architects and engineers as we spend our week designing, planning and building using pool noodles, craft sticks, newspaper, tape, wooden cubes, cups, straws and so much more. What will you design? A marble run? A tower? A bridge? There are no limits. Bring your imagination and an open mind and we’ll provide the rest.

    Week 5: July 15 - 19
    AM Board Game Bonanza
    EverWonder what it would be like to play and make all kinds of games BIG and small? We have a HUGE amount of fun planned just for you! From life-sized versions of tic-tac-toe, bowling, Jenga, Kerplunk, Pick Up Sticks, Twister and Bananagrams to strategic games like chess, checkers, UNO and more. The best part? We’ll have a “creation station” full of all sorts of materials for you to make up your own games, BIG or small. Just bring your imagination we'll take care of the rest. We promise you won’t be “board”- GAME ON!
    PM Creepy Crawlies
    EverWonder what goes BUZZ or what crawls, slithers and creeps through the soil beneath your feet? Join us, young Entomologists, as we embark on an insect safari! Wriggle your way on over to camp where we’ll explore the world of arthropods, arachnids, myriopods and insects. We will go on a scavenger hunt to look for real insects, sample some “worm food” and so much more.

    Week 6: July 22 - 26
    AM Super Sleuths and Secret Agents
    Shhhh………EverWonder about the secrets of undercover agents? You better watch out! This message will detonate in 30 seconds and it’s “For Your Eyes Only” so read FAST! You are about to enter the underground world of the spies among us. As a spy candidate you’ll go undercover to learn the stealthy tricks of the trade. We’ll uncover clues, follow leads and crack mysterious codes and so much more. Teamwork and creativity are a must! Don’t forget to wear a disguise!
    PM Symphony of the Senses
    EverWonder what it would be like to ignite all your senses? Join us for this awesome camp that bridges all the senses! This camp is super hands-on, bridges all the senses, and encourages problem solving skills and cooperative learning. Tessellation puzzles, homemade magnifying glasses, lemon volcanoes, edible gelatin slime, pop rocks science and more will all be a part of our fantastic camp! This, you do not want to miss!

    Week 7: July 29 - August 2
    AM Oopy, Goopy ART!
    EverWonder just how messy you can get? Go ahead and make a mess, It’s going to be messy, sloppy and sticky in our art studio all week. We’ll make exploding art, slinky paintings, blow dryer art, erupting salt art, squirt bottle paintings and so much more! The best part is you won’t have to clean up!
    PM On the Big Screen
    EverWonder about your favorite movie characters? Bedo, bedo! Who's ready for a week of movie character mania? At this camp, we'll celebrate the characters of blockbuster movies including Despicable Me, Captain Underpants, Cars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters. We'll practice Minionese language skills, make some mischief with George and Harold Hutchins, save the world with Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello and so much more! COWABUNGA, BABY !
  • AM/PM Language Camps: French (Weeks 3 - 4) and Spanish (Weeks 1 - 2 and 6 - 7) for Rising K to 3rd graders

    Spanish - June 17 - June 28 & July 29 - Aug 2
    AM - $600 for June 17 - June 28 & July 29 - Aug 2, rising 2nd & 3rd graders
    PM - $600 for June 17 - June 28 & July 29 - Aug 2, rising K & 1st graders

    French - July 8 - July 19
    AM - $600 for July 8 - July 19rising 2nd & 3rd graders
    PM - $600 for for July 8 - July 19rising K & 1st graders

    This summer your child can begin learning a new language or continue to strengthen their foreign language skills. We will have two sessions of Spanish and one of French. Children will learn about different and interesting topics on countries that speak the language they are studying. Our instructors are native speakers, most of which are part of the Beauvoir Language Programs during the school year. See more information on the Summer Language page.
  • AM/PM LEGO® Robotics Camp with Silver Knights -- Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7

    AM/PM Options
    AM - $290 per week
    PM - $270 per week

    In Robotics camp we build, code, and have fun with LEGO® WeDo 2.0, a hands-on activity that combines LEGO® bricks, kid-friendly software, and engaging projects which inspire kids to explore the world of robotics! Students use gears, pulleys, and axles to create robots that move, crank, spin, and communicate.  At the end of the camp, each child takes home a T-shirt.
    Week 1:
    AM African Safari: 
    Explore the animal kingdom in this WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics Camp where you will build and code swinging monkeys, fierce Silverback gorillas, and other robots that climb, move, bite and roll!

    Week 2:
    AM SpaceBots Space Exploration: Explore space and other planets in this fun WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics camp. You’ll build a Mars Rover, robotic arm and more bots that help you explore and examine our universe!

    Week 4:
    AM Bot vs. Bot Sports: Shoot and score in this fun WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics camp where you’ll make soccer kickers and goalies, basketball bots and more! Get your game face on!
    PM Australian Outback: We’ll go down under in this WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics Camp where you will build and code cute koalas, frilled lizards, venomous vipers and more robots that climb, move, bite and roll!

    Week 5:
    AM Extreme Machines Mega-Machines: Explore the world of mega-machines in this WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics camp. Build and program robots that get the job done! Build real-world engineering marvels in this fun camp!
    PM SpaceBots Star Wars: These are the droids you're looking for! Explore the world of Star Wars in this fun WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics camp where you’ll build droids, space fighters and Jedi fighter robots. 

    Week 6:
    AM Bot vs. Bot Robot Challenge: Take the WeDo 2.0 LEGO robot challenge in this fun camp. You’ll build and program Sumo wrestling bots, BattleTops and more bots that will compete in demonstrations of power and speed. 

    Week 7: 
    Extreme Machines Contraptions: Explore the world of crazy contraptions in this WeDo 2.0 LEGO Robotics camp. Build and program over-the top cars, catapults and ballistas and more bots in this fun camp!
  • AM/PM Olympic Fencing - Weeks 4 and 5

    AM & PM Options
    AM - $290 per week
    PM - $270 per week

    En Garde! Calling all pirates, musketeers, jedi – Olympic Fencing is coming to Beauvoir Summer!
    This camp will introduce your children to this history-rich sport in a safe and game-based environment. It's an unique opportunity for families looking for a fun activity that combines athleticism and intellect. Fencing emphasizes balance, coordination, and effective decision-making. Like other martial arts, the sport is about personal accomplishment, creative problem-solving, and self-discipline. Fencers apply their acquired skills and confidence to other sports, studies, and life. 
    All equipment is provided. Students must wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing.

    Offered through Nazlymov Fencing Foundation, a new non-profit with the mission to enrich physical, academic, and character development of children through the new it-sport of fencing. The foundation was created upon the retirement and relocation to our area of Vladimir Nazlymov, 3-time Olympic Champion, Head Coach of Ohio State Varsity Fencing, 3 times National Champions. Vitali Nazlymov, NCAA Champion.
  • AM/PM Splash and Play - Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7

    AM & PM options
    AM - $290 per week
    PM - $270 per week

    Splash & Play is offered for most of our summer weeks, both as an AM or PM choice. Campers will love speeding down a wet and soapy slip n’ slide, play sponge tag and other water games on the Beauvoir playground. In the week, they will work on some water based  experiments and projects. Campers will also get to tie dye a t-shirt as well. This option includes a now longer 45 minute block of swim instruction at the Beauvoir Pool.
  • AM Chess by Silver Knights - Weeks 4 and 5

    AM Options
    AM - $290 per week

    In Chess Camp, campers play and learn about chess with Silver Knights! We've taught tens of thousands of children including national champions, but most students are beginners looking to learn and have fun! Campers are broken up in groups by skill level.  Activities include learning the rules, openings, tactics, endgames, studying master games, and playing lots of games against other students. On the last day, all students receive a T-shirt and chess set.
  • AM Excite Soccer - Weeks 6 and 7

    AM Options
    AM - $290 per week
    Children will be encouraged to develop their mental, physical, and social abilities through creative soccer games and other activities taught by highly experienced staff; all trained working with young children. Participants will learn individual skills, teamwork, and most importantly, have fun! Our emphasis is on mastering basic coordination and agility with and without a soccer ball, as well as on providing a confidence-building environment. Each day of camp will finish with small sided scrimmages (Ie; 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 & 4v4)
    The soccer camp also provides a little variety to each child's camp experience. We wanted to Incorporate other sporting activities/games into each session to give campers a variety of sporting activities to guarantee each child a fantastic, high energy and fulfilling week of camp with Coach Scott!
    Children will focus on mastering their touch on the ball. This kind of touch quality means there is no sports skill involving a ball that a player can not learn. Training methods and activities will be centered with the young athlete in mind.
    • We want to enhance players ability to play with both feet
    • Improve first touches on the ball
    • Encourage players to be creative and positive in their play
    • Provide a confidence building environment where players are certain to have a Blast! 
    Excite Soccer - have prided themselves on consistent staff. We are delighted to once again announce that these Camps will be lead and Instructed by Coach Scott Currie. Scott has worked camps/clinics with Beauvoir for several years and we are delighted that Scott will be once again back with us In 2019.
  • AM Kick-Pass-Shoot-And-Score Sports Camp with ActivePlay- Weeks 1 and 2

    AM Options
    AM - $290 per week

    Sign up now for our most highly anticipated sports camp of the summer.  Kick-Pass-Shoot-and-Score Sports Camp offers something for everyone.  From team games to backyard games this camp will introduce campers to a variety of different games.  Backyard games include: cornhole, LARGE jenga, can jam, and spike ball. Sports will include: basketball, soccer, flag football, home run derby and hockey. The camp will be lead by ActivePlay's founder Seth Goldman 2008 All-Met Player of the year and his skilled team of coaches. 
  • AM Math Camp for Rising 2nd and 3rd graders - Weeks 1 - 2

    Math Camp for Rising 2nd & 3rd graders
    Two Week AM Half-Day Choice (June 17 - 28) $650

    This two week math program is designed to help your summer student not only retain what they have learned when it comes to math but progress with their mathematical thinking, understanding and problem-solving with a carefully crafted curriculum. This focused and structured camp will help combat the “summer slip” that some students experience when school is out of session. This summer session is designed for rising 2nd and rising 3rd graders.
  • AM Musical Theater by Ballet Petite - Weeks 4 and 5

    AM Options
    AM - $290 per week

    Let your inner star shine! Sing and belt out amazing songs and develop your vocal technique. Enjoy the energy and fun of what it takes to become a Broadway bound performer with choreography and jazz dance. Then be a triple threat performer with learning to be an unparalleled actor! Define a character and bring characterization to the amazing Broadway songs. Very fun activities are held daily, exploring all aspects of a Musical Theater production including designing costumes, creating props, painting sets, and having a cast party with musical theater contests. The exciting culmination of the camp week is the Showcase! Our Broadway stars will perform their musical, wearing the costumes they designed themselves for an audience of family and friends. Awards and celebration follow, capping off the exciting camp week.

    You’ve seen it…now be part of it!!

    Week 4 - July 8 -12
    The Lion King,  the African Savannah comes to life with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle... and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale. Join us as for singing, dancing and acting our way through Lion King Kids!

    Week 5 - July 15-19
    Frozen, this musical is one of the hottest tickets in town for performers to have their fantasies come to life as they tell the tale of a snow queen, Elsa, and her sister, Anna who learn the importance of friendship with the funny Olaf and the adventuresome Sven, all wonderful friends along the way on their journey.
  • AM Tiny Chefs - Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7

    AM Options
    AM - $290 per week

    Tiny & Gourmet Chefs will work hands-on to cook delicious dishes, decorate chefs hats and place mats, and leave with printed copies of the recipes to recreate at home! Our cooking camps are a fun way for kids to flex their creative muscles, spend time working in peer groups, and best of all: a great way to introduce them to the joy of cooking and baking!

    Campers will learn how to measure, mix, stir, and pour as they cook and bake tasty eats from scratch. Essential cooking skills will be explored from chopping to grilling and sautéing. Our instructors work with your Tiny or Gourmet Chefs to teach them skills that will stay with them for years to come, from organizational skills, learning to work as a team, cooperation and taking turns.

    Sessions also touch on basic math skills and an effort is made to introduce new ingredients and flavors that may not be familiar to many campers. All campers receive an electronic cookbook containing the recipes they have made on the final day of each week so that they can share their new skills, experiences and taste sensations with everyone at home!

    AM Week 1 (June 17 - 21) Breakfast for Dinner 
    Turn your favorite breakfast dishes into the main event as dinner options. How about a cheddar-chive frittata with fresh salsa? Or Brunch pasta with bacon and eggs? Maybe you’d prefer a more traditional French toast, dressed up with bananas and blueberries? Any way you slice it your little chef will love tucking into these comforting breakfast classics.

    AM Week 2 (June 24 - 28) Cupcake Wars 
    Cupcakes are all the rage and it’s a trend that’s clearly here to stay! If you’ve ever been curious about how the pros make those cupcakes so precious and ornate, and if competition is your middle name, then this is the week for you! We’ll spend three days on cupcake basics-measuring, mixing, baking, and frosting, and then finish the week with two days of baking battle! Small teams will face off with one another to compete for the title of “Best Cupcake!” May the best cupcake win!

    AM Week 4 (July 8 - 12) Healthy Hacks 
    Your favorite comfort foods have secretly gotten a makeover! We're adding additional nutrients and removing some of the less healthy ingredients but keeping all the delicious flavor! Spaghetti (Squash) and Meatballs, Chocolate Chip Blondies (with chickpeas), and Veggie Tots are just a few of the yummy recipes we will be whipping up! Healthy recipes that even the pickiest eaters can't help but love.

    AM Week 5 (July 15 - 19) Snack Attack 
    This week students will push the limits on the snack concept and prepare a variety of wholesome, delicious, and unique nibbles. This is not your mother’s PB&J! Chefs will prepare a variety of bite-sized munchies like chicken salad cups, homemade granola bars, veggie nachos, roasted red pepper hummus with homemade pita chips, and more. No one will go hungry this week!

    AM Week 6 (July 22 - 26) Cooking Around the World 
    It is said that if you want to learn about a country you should start with the food. So during this week of camp our Tiny and Gourmet Chefs will learn how to create the cuisines of multiple countries. We will be cooking up some of the fabulous flavors of Italian, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican & French foods and also learning about some of the cooking techniques & ingredients that make them unique. Come join us as we expand our world and our palates!

    AM Week 7 (July 29 - August 2) Dips and Donuts 
    Does your kid love to dip their food? Chips in salsa, veggies in hummus, bread sticks in marinara sauce? How about dipping donuts in glazes and toppings? In this fun, nutritious and delicious camp, the Tiny Chefs will do all of that! Savory recipes like Mexican Layered Dip or Spinach and Artichoke Dip in Wonton Wrappers will be made side-by side with Lemon Glazed Blueberry Donuts and Pumpkin Donut Holes with Cinnamon Topping. These are just a few of the types of recipes your Tiny Chef will enjoy as they dip and dunk (and bake and blend) their way through our newest camp!
    *Accommodating food restrictions and allergies may not always be possible. Please contact the camp office prior to registering with any questions or concerns.
  • PM Creative Writing with Amore Learning - Weeks 4 and 5

    PM Options
    PM - $270 per week

    Creative Writing - Weeks 4 and 5

     your child is already an avid writer or you hope they will become one, Amore Learning promises a fun, imaginative, and confidence-building time in Creative Writing!

    Designed to reach students of all enthusiasm and skill levels, this program will allow each writer to create a portfolio of cherished pieces. As we enjoy offering the class to a broad range of ages, students will each approach the activities in unique ways and the curriculum is differentiated by age. We also find that older students enjoy the opportunity to serve as role models for younger ones, and younger ones look up to older ones for inspiration!

    Friendships grow, the community is enriched, and everyone benefits as a result.
     Our focus is on having fun while boosting writing skills in a warm, nurturing, and exciting environment, all for the love of learning! 
  • PM Hip-Hop Hooray by Ballet Petite - Weeks 1, 2, 6, and 7

    PM Options
    PM - $270 per week

    Hip Hop Hooray
    Get breaking, locking, and popping with our afternoon dance classes, including Hip Hop Tap, Jazz, Street Dance, Urban Dance and Commercial New Style. Very fun activities are held daily, including Costume Design, Glow Dance Party with Freestyle Dance training, and Video Dance Games and contests. The highlight of every camp week is the Showcase! Hip Hop campers perform their group’s Hip Hop choreography, wearing the costumes they designed themselves for an audience of family and friends. Awards and Celebration follow, capping off the exciting camp week.
  • PM Scratch Coding with Silver Knights - Weeks 1, 2, 6, and 7

    PM Options
    PM - $270 per week

    In Silver Knights coding camp, children learn to create stories, games, and animations using a visual programming language called Scratch. It’s as easy to use as snapping together building blocks! With Scratch, children learn to think creatively, work collaboratively, and reason systematically. Scratch is designed and maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. Our curriculum teaches new coders the basics while challenging more experienced coders to create increasingly complex programs. Silver Knights provides a laptop for every child.  At the end of the camp, each child takes home a T-shirt and a USB with all their programs on it!

    Weeks 1 and 6
    Playful Purple: Learn to create stories, games and animations using Scratch, a fun and easy-to-learn visual programming language. Coders from beginners to advanced will be challenged through fun projects of various difficulty levels. Create a ChatBot, pong and brickbreaker games, and explore the webcam with Feeding Frenzy! Camp is appropriate for anyone who hasn't done one of Silver Knights' purple programs before.

    Weeks 2
    Gifted Green: Learn to create stories, games and animations using Scratch, a fun and easy-to-learn visual programming language. Coders from beginners to advanced will be challenged through fun projects of various difficulty levels. Create a MouseMaze, tank battle games, and explore the webcam with The Floor is Lava Game! Camp is appropriate for anyone who hasn't done one of Silver Knights' Green programs before.

    Week 7 

    Orange Crush: Learn to create stories, games and animations using Scratch, a fun and easy-to-learn visual programming language. Coders from beginners to advanced will be challenged through fun projects of various difficulty levels. Create snake and racing car games, make amazing mazes, cool pen animations! Camp is appropriate for anyone who hasn't done one of Silver Knights' Orange programs before.
  • PM STEAM with Tunes 4 Tots - Weeks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7

    PM Options
    PM - $270 per week

    Musical Rainstorm - Weeks 1 & 5
    Join us for some amazing musical adventures! Students will have the opportunity to explore the science of sound and the art of engineering in this hands-on, project based course. Students will work collaboratively to create a structure that makes music when water pours down it. As we learn about how sounds are made, we’ll be using non-musical and musical tools to create a large-scale project that will help students learn how different sounds can be created.

    Musical Marbles - Weeks 2 & 6
    The perfect class for students who love making things, music, and problem solving! By the end of this STEAM unit, students will have built their own “musical” marbles set. In this hands on, project based course, students will use critical thinking and problem solving strategies to match a self-constructed marble runs to the tempo of songs that they love! By the end of the class, students will have a stronger understanding of beat, rhythm, tempo, and how music is created.

    Music of Nature - Weeks 4 & 7
    Students will have the opportunity to get outside and explore nature with a fun, musical twist. During this STEAM project, students will go outside, explore what’s in nature, and learn to re-purpose items found in nature into amazing musical instruments! This class combines engineering, building, and learning about musical instruments with a love of the outdoors. Students will explore the different families of orchestral and world percussion instruments. Once they are done building a wide variety of instruments, students will spend time exploring how they create their own music working together!
  • PM Stitch It Sewing and Fashion - Weeks 4 and 5

    PM Options
    PM - $270 per week

    Are you looking for a fun and creative way for students to express themselves?  Well, Stitch It Fashion is the class!  Students are patiently taught various age appropriate, hand and machine sewing techniques.  Students will make beautiful, personalized and detailed projects while learning real and practical skills that will last a lifetime!

    4-- The Beauvoir Picnic!  During this time of sewing campers will design there own picnic blankets, fruit appliqué napkins, and a sun blocking floppy hat.  It's sure to be a fun time of design and sewing.
    Week 5- - The Summer Dance Party!  During this time of sewing campers will design a beautiful summer top, cotton swing skirt or shorts for our male campers and accessories.  It's sure to be a fun time of design and sewing.  

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